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Welcome to homesellerroux.com

The essence of cooking up something good when you are ready to sell

We believe in the philosophy that there are three ingredients that make up a good deal:

1) Price

2) Terms and

3) Conditions.  

These are the holy trinity in the transaction. Homesellerroux takes these elements and breaks down the process to help you, the Seller have clarity and solidarity with all people in the transaction so your sale goes as smoothly as possible.

There are 57 distinct steps in every transaction that can be identified and quantified.  When one understands these steps you can work your plan, avoid confrontation, irritation and a lot of the emotions and commotions so commonly associated with a real estate transaction.

The John Anthony Realty approach to being a listing agent is to treat each and every listing as if it was our own personal property..with a systematic, quantifiable approach to selling.  We identify the most likely buyers, qualify them and do whatever it takes to help a buyer get to the closing table without compromising ethics or otherwise.  

Our consistent approach empowers the Seller while building trust with the Buyer with clear, concise communication beyond the norm and beyond the sale.

Why John Anthony Realty is your choice to sell your property.

Consistent proven results

Aggressive market campaign

One on one service - dedicated to making sure your property reaches the greatest number of qualified Buyers in the shortest amount of time.

We have a network of professionals - from closing attorneys to financing options, carpenters to plumbers, John Anthony Realty is your one stop shop to get your property ready to sell and SOLD.

We have scalable, trackable data to be able to know who is looking and when to best position your property to sell.  We use the same analytics approach as google vendors as part of our basic marketing means and methods.

What is homesellerroux about?

In Louisiana, we start alot of our wonderful heritage of cooking with simple ingredients...and the cooking process all starts with a roux. 

homesellerroux takes this same philosophy of simple steps to making a pot of deliciousness we call "getting the most money for your property in the fastest time possible.